OnWheels Kuldrula 17: Road To Simple Summer Session

Head uudised! Teatame uhkusega, et OnWheels Kuldrula 2017 TOP 3 Eesti parimat BMX sõitjat kvalifitseeruvad automaatselt ka Simple Summer Session 17 põhivõistlusele. Võistlus leiab aset Riias juba 26. Augustil.

Rohkem infot leiad www.session.ee/summer või klikkides fotol:

With 17-years of history under it’s belt the Simple Session has grown into one of the most prestigious and international action sports contests in the world. Besides the notorious winter-season event series, Simple Session has hosted its comps during the summer in the very heart of Estonia’s capital Tallinn and Finland's capital Helsinki. Now it’s time for Riga!

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